Frequently asked questions

Are Indigo plans Minimum Essential Covered ACA approved?

No, but many of the plans have telehealth services offered by primary care providers and specialists, vision and dental care, lab and prescription discounts, and mental health and well-being services.

What companies provide the services offered within Indigo plans?

Indigo works with well-known benefit aggregators, healthPerx and New Benefits. Companies that provide services offered within Indigo plans include Teledoc, Aetna Dental Access, Kepro Counseling, and Affinity Travel.

What are the costs of an Indigo plan?

Most plans vary from $34-$49 a month per employee depending on the unique needs of your employees.

Does the employee pay for services?

While some benefits are discounted, most healthcare services have a $0 copay.

When is the enrollment period?

Enrollments can be processed at any time. Unlike health insurance, the enrollment period for Indigo plans does not have to coincide with Annual Open Enrollment.

How do we get started?

Contact Indigo at 866-463-4463 Ext. 201 or send us an email at