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Affordable, accessible healthcare benefits for small business.

Indigo Partners, LLC was created to take care of small business owners so they can take care of their families and employees.  Indigo's mission is to help you ensure that the people who support you most in your small business are taken care of when they face health difficulties by connecting you to convenient and affordable healthcare benefits. 


We are also here for you after you find the right health benefits solution for your business.  When you partner with Indigo, you will have access to your own Indigo advocate who will make sure your needs are met.

Come see what being part of the Indigo family is all about. 


"Illness doesn't discriminate! Everyone should have affordable and accessible healthcare and family resources. Regardless of income, age, or location, you deserve solutions that you can count on!"  Jacquelynn Neat

Indigo Leadership

Jacquelynn Neat is President and Founder of Indigo Partners and dedicated to advocacy, education, and resource support for affordable healthcare benefits. Jacquelynn is a licensed Benefits Specialist with decades of experience and passion. With experience, insights, and relationships in the industry, her team supports individuals and groups struggling to find adequate coverage and access to solutions. 

"As insurance premiums continue to climb, I'm committed to finding ways to help others," says Jacquelynn. "In the past, the majority of my small business owners and self-employed clients were paying extraordinarily high premiums, even with high deductibles."


Jacquelynn expands on the challenges, "Throughout the years, individuals and small businesses have been left behind. Insurance carriers have pushed independent brokers out of the market, leaving so many on their own in an industry full of complexities and regulations.  I got tired of seeing people suffer while health insurance and healthcare costs skyrocket. Many Americans are paying more now for health insurance than housing with unaffordable out-of-pocket expenses if there is an illness!"

Jacquelynn believes there is a better way. Her vision for Indigo Partners is to level the playing field through advocacy, education, and support for resources, available by simply signing up for help!

Contact Indigo for assistance at 1-866-463-4463 ex 201 or email us at info@indigopartners.app

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"Small businesses should not have to pay tenfold to offer the same benefits and resources as large corporations offer their employees."